Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Turon (Philippine Banana Eggroll)

I have been craving for some Turon (Philippine Banana Eggroll) lately and I finally had the time to buy some Saba, a cooking banana. The saba must be really ripe to make this dessert. Easy to make and you can pair it with your favorite ice cream.

6 pieces of Saba bananas
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups vegetable oil
12-15 pieces of eggroll wrapper (use any brand eggroll wrapper)

Slice bananas lengthwise to avoid eating uncooked part. Dredge banana pieces in brown sugar. Then, place one banana piece on a large egg roll wrapper and wrap. Fold up the bottom to cover the banana, fold in the right and left sides, and roll up until the wrapper is closed. Moisten the top flap of the wrapper to seal. Do the same for the rest. This recipe yields for one dozen of turon.

In a pan, heat oil over medium/medium-low heat. Shallow-fry or deep-fry turon until golden brown. Serve warm and crispy.

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