Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Homemade Doughnuts / Beignets

Here is a very simple way to make homemade doughnuts. It's a basic recipe from Pillsbury's website and it takes less than 15 minutes to make these yummies! The time I made these, I was amazed on how fast and easy it took! I've made them for the family for breakfast and have served them as a dessert when I entertained friends at home for lunch or dinner.

1 tube Pillsbury Grands
2 cups of oil for frying

-Take dough individually out of the tube and gently pat them down to even rounds and even thickness
-cut a hole in the middle. I used the mouth of champagne glass
-save the dough holes to make beignets
-fry the shaped dough in the hot oil (in medium heat to avoid burning) and flip at least 3 times while browning with a thong or a pair of chopsticks, take out and dry out on a plate with paper towel or a wire rack and let them cool for 1 to 2 minutes before dipping or glazing them with the ingredients below
- do the same with donut holes
- dip the donuts with any of the following:

- white sugar
- unsweetened cocoa powder
- whipped cream and sprinkle with candy
- powdered sugar
- or drizzle with melted peanut butter or Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter
- serve beignets with melted warm chocolate or jam

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